Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dolman {my style} Shirt Tutorial

I have this sweatshirt that I really liked the way it fit except I wished it were longer so I decided to attempt to use it for a pattern. The fabric I used in this tutorial is cotton which I don't recommend because it doesn't stretch or hang/fit well. Also I would make it longer than the one that I cut out. You can always make it shorter later. You can use a regular tshirt that fits you comfortably. You don't want it too tight, you can take it up easily if you need to. I'm adding a picture of how I cut one out for Bree using a tshirt. I think this would make a darling dress just cut it longer! I embellished some of mine as you can see below.

Lay your shirt on top of your fabric to use for a pattern. I cut one side (half) and then fold it over and cut the other side so they are the same....

cut the neck hole...don't make it too big..

sew where the yellow lines are....shoulders and sleeves/sides...

clip the curves under the arms...

now hem the neckline, sleeves and bottom of the shirt and you're done!

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