Sunday, April 21, 2013

Farm style: new series

Social networking has a way of making a person feel inadequate and less of a mother/wife/person because all we see is the good of everything. And to be truthful, who wants to see a picture of a sink full of dirty dishes? Yes that is part of life but we don't get on social networking to look at that type of thing, we get on there to escape chores and things less pleasant. We all know this but yet we let the "perfectness" (or what it looks like in the pictures) make us feel intimidated and less of a person because our cupcakes don't look like art and our outfit isn't model worthy. I'm here to rebel and rebuke that spirit!

We've all seen the OOTD (outfit of the day) on blogs, Facebook and Instagram. I've done it myself and even have a hash tag for my own personal style on IG (#magpiedfashion) but I wanted to show you the other side of me. This is the clothing that is truly me. This what I wear everyday. Not a fancy, perfectly styled outfit. This is my real life. Sometimes, no most of the time I wear the same skirt for several days in a row til it's dirty enough to wash. :) Rubber boots or flip flops are my shoe of choice, NOT a high heel! In fact I've busted the side out of these from so much use.

Be prepared to see the good, bad and ugly. I'm ripping the false front off of social networking and am going to show you what's really behind it. No filter, no cropping. Just real life.

Are you ready? I challenge you to join me! Follow along and see the "cuteness" on Instagram or check back here once a week to see a summary of the weeks outfits.

Lets get real!

Today's OOTD: hubby's hoodie, dirty denim skirt with mud on it from yesterday, knee socks that don't match, busted rubber boots and a wadded up hair do. :)

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  1. Great! I recently posted a Social Media Facades article about the pressures of being perfect. (I focused on my lack of housekeeping skills.)

    Thank you for being so transparent!

  2. I think we all try to find ourselves in others posts/ when it all looks so perfect we end up feeling inadequate and don't measure up. Thanks for helping show the real side of our lives, more people need to get on board!