Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Farm Vogue Ornament Exchange!

Guess what time it is?!?! Time for my annual ORNAMENT exchange to begin! This is my 5th 6th year (maybe more) that I've hosted this and I absolutely love it! How does it work? Follow the link below and it will lead you to the exchange where you will sign up (free and safe) and on Nov 19th it will pair people up to exchange ornaments! It is SO fun to get an ornament in the mail from someone across the country that you probably don't know. You leave a description of your tree or decor colors and that person either makes or buys an ornament that they think fits the description. Some of my favorite ornaments are those I've received in this exchange!

The spending limit is $5 OR even better, you can MAKE the ornament/s. You are welcome to do more than one but don't expect the person sending you one to do the same. ;)

{So you don't have a tree? No problem! Just put the ornament on the Christmas tree that's been dissected all over your house.......on the mantle, door ways, windows, etc. LOLOLOL!! Sorry, I shouldn't have said that but I couldn't resist. ;)}

You have til Nov 18th or 19th (can't remember now) to sign up and then I ask that you mail the ornament by Nov 29th so your exchangee (ha!) will have time to hang and enjoy it!

Thanks so much to all of you that have participated with me on this thru the years! I hope you've enjoyed it and the memories the ornaments bring as much as I have. 

Click on THIS link to be taken to the gift exchange on Elfster!

Here is a photo of just a few of the ornaments I've received thru the years. (Sorry for the low quality phone photo)

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