Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Magazine Stationary

 I knew I was saving all those Boden and DownEast catalogs for something! The kids wanted to make some gifts to give and they needed something to keep them occupied so here is what I came up with.

Glue Sticks
Index Cards
Washi tape (optional)
Sewing machine (optional)

First you're going to determine the size of your envelopes. Luckily the Boden catalogs turned out to be the perfect size for 3x5" index cards.

1. Cut out random shaped pieces. Don't forget to look at the color. When using the same catalog you will have a nice coordinating selection of colors as most lines use the same tones over and over.

2. Cut out or find the pages that you will use for the envelope base. The part that you will glue all the pieces on...mine was 6x8".
3. Glue all the pieces on randomly. Then trim the pieces overlapping off of the edges.
4. Now, after the glue has dried I ran my sewing machine over each piece in a circular pattern. This step is not necessary but sewing on paper is so fun and it adds some detail to the project.
 5. Now that the pieces are glued and sewed down you will fold up the bottom half leaving about 1.5-2" at the top for the flap. Sew or tape down the sides.

6. Next I cut a 1" strip off of a index card and taped it to the front for writing the addressee on. These aren't for mailing, unless you put in another envelope.

7. Use washi tape or bits of paper to decorate a blank index card and slide inside. I used washi tape to seal the envelopes as well.

This would be fun with a hunting magazine or catalog as well for boys! 


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